529 to Roth Transfers


Looking Ahead: 529 to Roth Transfers Starting in 2024, eligible 529 Account funds can be rolled over tax free into a Roth IRA. The provision is included in a $1.7 trillion dollar government funding package. What’s the big deal? Leftover money originally intended for a child’s education can now go toward retirement [...]

529 to Roth Transfers2023-03-06T08:18:59-07:00

Inherited IRA


Inheriting IRA's can be a blessing, and a headache. It's comparable to walking into an Ice Cream shop and having your excitement quickly replaced with uncertainty of which flavors to get. There are a variety of ways to go about inheriting IRA's, all are listed below. We searched the web for the best [...]

Inherited IRA2022-10-27T09:41:12-06:00

Saving for Future Education: A Dive into 529 Plans.


Saving for Future Education A dive into 529 Plans. Everyone well is aware of the extraordinary rise in college tuition cost.  “Between 1980 and 2020, the average price of tuition, fees, and room and board for an undergraduate degree increased 169%” according to a recent report from the Georgetown University Center. The [...]

Saving for Future Education: A Dive into 529 Plans.2022-09-26T10:27:12-06:00

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